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Maryland Desert

Published by john

alcholic desert



  • pack od maryland cookies/or choc chip cookies .
  • medium pot of whipping cream.
  • saucer of ( any alcohol ) recommend brandy or bailys or similer
  • cadburys flake


whip cream till stiff.

dip cookies one at a time into alchol and spread with cream on one side..repeat with next cookie and stick together...use aproximatly 12 or so cookies ...when all cookies are stuck together in a row cover with the remaining cream..

crush cadburys flake and sprinkle over pudding ..

place in fridge and serve as requires ( nice in the freezer for and hour )


  • Alex Welch 6 years ago

    Have to add a little comment. This does not have to be an alcoholic pudding. Use strong black coffee (add sugar if you wish) instead of the booze. Then you'll have the cash spare to melt a bar of plain chocolate and mix it into the cream!

  • Kennedi 9 years ago

    This recipe tasts really good!

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