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Nutella Cookies

Published Wednesday, 06 May, 2009 by Kirsty

Easy and cheap chocolate/ nutty cookies



  • 3 level tablespoons of nutella (or peanut butter)
  • grated orange rind (optional)
  • 50g Caster sugar
  • 3 level tbsp soft brown sugar
  • 50g butter
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 100g self raising flour


1. Mix the nutella, butter, orange rind (if using), sugars and butter together until the mixture is light and fluffy.

2. Add the beaten egg and flour to make a fairly firm mixture.

3, Using your hands roll the mixture into balls and then place them on an UNGREASED baking sheet (if you grease it oddly enough the cookies will stick)

4. Flatten out the cookies with your hands

5. Bake at 180c (350 F) gas mark 4 for about 25 minutes until cooked


  • Cupcakelover97 5 years ago

    Hey yumyum i think u ment cakekes (cake cookies ):)

  • Yumyum 5 years ago

    Hehe cake cookies !!!!!!

  • Yumyum 5 years ago

    Omg i got miniature cakes !!!!! Yumyum !!!!
    they were yumyum arghhhhhh they were so good !!!!!
    (sorry im on a sugar high so many miniature nutella cake cookies0

  • Zztop 5 years ago

    These cookies are amazing made them for my little brother and he loved them

  • Yumyum 5 years ago

    Wow. Jjang!!

  • Nutella Crazy 5 years ago

    You can make nutella cookies by mixing 1 cup of nutella ,an egg and 1 cup of flour for 6-10 minutes in he oven for amazing chewy cookies

  • Yumyum 5 years ago

    Wow!! Best cookies ever we can't stop cooking them !!!!!

  • t shizzle 7 years ago


  • Ninz 7 years ago

    how many ppl does dis serve? xox

  • Abigail 7 years ago

    Excellent easy receipe. I used two thirds Nutella and one third peanut butter so it was not too sweet. I also used 1 heaped desert spoon canderel instead of the caster sugar to reduce the calories. Came out well.

  • Livvy 7 years ago

    mmmmm... really good. the mixture was a bit soft so we added more flour (2TBS) and they turned out great. the mixture was so yummy we nearly ate it raw!!.I rolled them into 3cm balls and flattened them with a fork, they cooked in 15 mins.rnthe cookies tasted so good with a bit of nutella spread between them!!!rnyum

  • Annilson 8 years ago

    They were a bit cake-ish, think they need more flour or something? But otherwise... Nom :) Added a bit of ground almonds too for extra flavour ;) x

  • Vicky 9 years ago

    I love you! I had a massive chocolate craving and no money. These cookies sorted that out pronto!

  • starhh ( * ) 9 years ago

    Niiceee n yummy : D

  • Hilary 9 years ago

    Urgently needed to make cookies with granddaughter and had an oldish jar of nutella to use up - bingo!

  • Lydia 10 years ago

    crackin Cookies Dude just made them in my spare time this morning - ive gotta admit they are pretty delicious!

  • Kirsty 10 years ago

    Aww thank you very much! I'm glad I could help :-). Congratz on ur gcses!

  • elle batle 10 years ago

    you are a star kirst your recipe got me an a in my gcses you are such a hero. To improve make instructions a bit clearer as they only worked after 8 times of practice.

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