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Nutty Choco Cheese Splendor

Published Thursday, 15 January, 2015 by Rishitha N.rakesh

No need to bake



  • -chocolate cake slices
  • -chocolate sauce
  • -caramelized nuts
  • -cherry
  • -cheese(grated)


Take a chocolate cake and spread some chocolate sauce on it and then add caramelised nuts and cheese which is grated and cherry which is cut into small pieces and then cover it with another piece of chocolate cake which is spread with chocolate sauce your nutty choco cheese splendor is ready


  • 4 years ago

    Thank u jackie .Do try my other recipes and comment on it too

  • Jackie 4 years ago

    It'a nice and easy to prepair!

  • 4 years ago

    Thank u jerin

  • Jerin 4 years ago


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