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Oreo Milkshake

Published Tuesday, 06 January, 2015 by Nada Mohamed

Real fast oreo milkshake.



  • -3-4 oreos
  • -1 cup of milk
  • -cocoa powder
  • -1 teaspoon of sugar (or more if you want)
  • -cream (optional)


Just mix all in a blender and put in a cup or whatever. You can top it with whipped cream if you want.

p.S:this is for only 1 person.


  • honey pie 4 years ago

    nakapamahal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time yung mura naman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samaira 4 years ago

    Sounds good.. Will surely try it!

  • mia 4 years ago

    i also added coffee powder n vanilla extract it tasted extra yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Emily 4 years ago

    How much cocoa powder are we supposed to use????

  • Adam 4 years ago

    It is the best!

  • Sony 4 years ago

    Its awesome. ....Its very easy

  • SAMEEN 4 years ago

    Awesome have tried it out its very simple .Good job

  • Sameem 4 years ago


  • Raghav 4 years ago


  • Desa Mondal 4 years ago

    One of yhe easiest and the simplest recipies in the world

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Simple and tasty

  • Bishwhet 4 years ago

    What in the world it might as well be cookies floating in chocolate milk

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Great milkshake recipe perfect for my mam and dad

  • Ashley 4 years ago

    Wow! Simple as! Yummy and a great result.

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  • It looks fancy, but it's so easy!!!