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Published Wednesday, 21 April, 2010 by Winnie

easy and delicious



  • 1. Pancake Mix( buy those in Carrefour)
  • 2. Water ( I suggest u use milk)
  • 3.Oil ( I suggest u use butter)
  • 4.Shaping model (optional, it makes the pancake more pretty)
  • 5.Bowl
  • 6. Honey ( optional ) or cream
  • * frying pan


1. Pour pancake mix and water ( or butter ) in the bowl. Stir it until there are no visible pancake mix

2.Pour the oil ( or butter ) in the frying pan, put the shaping model in the center of the pan.

3. Pour enough mixture in the center of the shaping model.

4. Fry it for 1 min. and flip it over WITH the shaping model.

5. Wait for 1 more min.

6. Place it on a plate, pour honey or cream

7.Enjoy it!