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Sponge Cake

Published Sunday, 24 August, 2008 by Sarah

Easy to make and tasteful



  • 4oz Self Raising Flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • 4oz Butter or Margarine
  • 4oz Caster Sugar
  • Flavouring if you want it


1. Put all Ingredients into a large mixing bowl amd mix till all the ingredients for a mixture. Making sure all the flour has been mixwd in and no lumps from the butter or flour.

2. Add the flavouring if you are using it.

3.After you have mixed it all together put it into a cake tin and bake for 15 - 25 minutes.

4. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

Serving suggestions;

1. why not serve it warm with custard

2. eat it while it is still warm for a fresher taste


  • Mrs Mawaib 4 years ago

    Wow nyc cake tnx 4 the easiest cake

  • Karuna 5 years ago

    Its so easy and yyyymmmmyyyy i like it!!!

  • ANAM 5 years ago

    This cake is so tasty.....

  • Anon 5 years ago

    Best cake ever. And so easy

  • Topcat 6 years ago

    And you set the oven at?????????????? To help you all, set at 150 for 40 minutes

  • Sparcles 6 years ago

    Gonna try it out today sounds great!

  • Brilliant_Baker 6 years ago

    I never know what size cake tin to use! What size??

  • Sally 6 years ago

    Cool, yummy

  • ellie the cake lover 9 years ago

    mmmm delicious!!.. SICK!! or as my brother says 'sick-mint', lolz thnx for this recipe ive made it 4 times now, im 12 :D

  • ellie the cake lover 9 years ago

    mmmm i love thiss

  • esther 9 years ago

    Reply Mia - June 2, 2010, 2:10 pm
    Normally for sponge cake, the oven temperature will be at 350*F (180*C). But you will also have to depend on your oven. But the basic tempt. will be what I have stated. Hope this helps.

  • Mia 9 years ago

    What temperature should the oven be?

  • claire 10 years ago

    how long does it go in the oven for ?
    Reeaall good recipe ill try it :D

  • ragze 10 years ago

    sweeeeeeet !1

  • Tia 10 years ago

    It is going well. I just put it in the oven, lets hope it will taste good.

  • Cheyenne 10 years ago

    I'm Doing This With My Mum Now!
    It Seems Cool!

  • anisa 10 years ago

    videojug is wicked

  • abigail 10 years ago

    i am having this with custard

  • Rowan 10 years ago


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