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Alcoholic Chocolate Milk

Published Wednesday, 16 December, 2009 by Laura

What it says on the tin



  • Vodka
  • Milk
  • Chocolate syrup


Just mix it all together. Play around with quantities, dependant on how alcoholic/chocolatey you like it.

You can use chocolate milk/Frijj milkshake or any other kind of milk grabs your fancy if you dont have chocolate syrup!


  • sabrina 11 months ago

    this is delicious

  • Joe 4 years ago

    Lush its tasty i made it and drank it im only 3

  • lisa 7 years ago

    heres an adaptation, called a mudslide put chocky syrup round inside of the glass then blend bailey's icecream n either vodka/bacardi together voila! i had them on my hols in mexico mmmm yummy!

  • hazel scott 7 years ago

    :P this drink made me really horney :L x

  • food4eva 7 years ago

    ru even a student or what if you are where? you must be at least 20 or something.

  • myself! 8 years ago

    try it with brandy instead to make a a mumba!! much nicer:) serve hot or cold

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