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Chocolate Milkshake..

Published Tuesday, 01 September, 2009 by jade

easy easy easy



  • any type of drinking chocolate stuff.
  • milk
  • sugar (optional)


1: pour some milk into a mug and put it into the microwave until it is quite hot.

2: add about three or four spoonfulls of the drinking chocolate into the milk, add sugar if you wish for a sweeter taste.

3: mix well and put in the fridge until it is cold! vallaaa, drinkup !

you may need to stir the milkshake once in a while so the chocolate doesn't all go to the bottom. MWAH!


  • 5 years ago

    So going to make this
    i am 10 too

  • Mystery>w< 5 years ago

    I just try it and its awesome...And useful....>w< love it.......Mystery

  • juinor chef 9 years ago

    ill try it im only 10 lol i wanna be a chef i love cooking

  • Shaunak 10 years ago

    It's awesome n delecious......hummmmm!!!!!!!!!

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