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Chocolate Milkshake

Published Sunday, 06 February, 2011 by Talitha

hmmm yum



  • 1.Milk
  • 2.Chocolate Sauce
  • 3.Vanilla Ice cream


Put all ingredients into a blender and mix! Use as much as you want. The more ice cream in it the thicker it will be. Enjoy!


  • Ishita Pal 6 years ago

    Its jst awesommmmmm.........Lov it....

  • Unknown 8 years ago

    I rated you as a five!

  • UNKNOWN 8 years ago

    I tried this recipe, and I think it was AMAZING!
    I am so upsesed with it, I make it like 3 times a week
    I love it, I love u!
    Thanks so much!!

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