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Dirty Ju

Published Wednesday, 02 September, 2009 by Michael Newham

Nice if ya can handle it



  • 3/4 glass of red bull or similar energy drink. (i recommend relentless or red bull)
  • splash of absinthe/jaegermeister


First find somwher to get absinthe. It is banned from sale in the UK but u can get it imported from europe and its worth it. Or alternatively, use jaegermeister (available in tesco, asda e.t.c)

1. put 1st 1/4 glass of red bull in

2. Splash of absinthe/jaegermeister

3. put 2nd 1/4 of red bull in

4. Splash of absinthe/jaegermeister

5. put 3rd 1/4 of red bull in

6. finish of with splash of absinthe/jaegermeister

Good luck :P


  • Zoe 9 years ago

    This Is Blatenly Called A Jagerbomb!

  • Rebecca 9 years ago

    Tried to make this, got it imported from my brother in Canada, and it tasted rank. This is the worst recipe to make. I don't recommend!!

  • sian mottershead 10 years ago

    this is a classic drink but we call it a jaegerbomb lol
    this is the way i do it
    first fill up your glass wid energy drink (red bull is best)
    make sure you leave enuff room at the top to put in a shot glass coz ur gunna then drop in a shot of jaegermeister and then as it starts to bubble up neck the whole glass its great lol x

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