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Fruit Infused Water

Published Wednesday, 19 November, 2014 by Emily

One of my favourite healthy and tasty recipes, ever!



  • Any fruit of your choice
  • mint
  • water


1) fill a glass or mason jar with fruit and/or mint

2) place in fridge overnight

3)in the morning, drink it before breakfast, as soon as you wake


  • Parv 4 years ago

    generally bit stiff fruits like apples, pears, do the work. be sure to put alot of ice into the drink when you keep it overnight as the ice will keep the fruits sort of frozen, and they will not turn colors or get mushy beecause of the water.
    if you use apples, you can even eat them after 2-3 water change cycles. just remember to put ice. hope this helps :)

  • Yummy 4 years ago

    i tried it with strawberries and the next day the strawberries went really soft and mushy and didn't really taste that good so is there any particular fruit you recommend ?

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