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Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Published Sunday, 24 January, 2010 by Adam Mackay

A Bit Of A Twist To A Bowl



  • 2 Bowls One That Can Fit In The Other With About An Inch Between.
  • Fruit (Any Kind Will Do)
  • Water
  • Smoothie Maker


1) Put The Smaller Bowl Into The Bigger One.

2) Slice Fruit And Put It In The Gap Then Fill With Water.

3) Freeze For About 4-5 Hours Patience Is Key

4) Keep Bowl In Freeze When You Do The Next Step

5) Add Any Fruit Into Smoothie Maker.

6) Take The Bowls Out Of The Freezer Take The Ice Out, It Will Be In The Shape Of A Bowl fill this with your smoothie and serve quickly. ;D

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