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Off Your Head Snakebite

Published Wednesday, 16 January, 2013 by Princessman

Vicious snakebite to get you off your head


  • 4 cans of tennents or special brew
  • bottle of 3 hammers cider
  • your favorite blackcurrent squash (ribena for me)
  • pint glass


1. Get pint glass

2.Pour in half a can of tennents

3. Top up with the cider - leave a bit at the top

4. Add a bit of blackcurrent squash

5. Drink

6. Drink more etc

7. Gives you a really bad hangover but makes even the most boring nights interesting :)


  • Johnny Knoxville 6 years ago

    This just seems like a large snakebite. Why not just have a whip around and make a dirty pint?

  • Lincoln 6 years ago

    It may be a student site but what the

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