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Snowman Soup

Published Sunday, 23 June, 2013 by Carla

Yummy soup...not like the normal soup its sweet and yum!



  • Hot chocolate mixture
  • hershey's kisses (2 per cup)
  • big candy cane (1 per cup)
  • mini marshmallows (small handful)


1.Make a mug of hot chocolate, according to the package directions or make it as you'd usually do.

2.Drop in two hershey's kisses for each mug of hot chocolate.

3.Mix the hot chocolate and kisses with a big candy cane

4.Add mini-marshmallows to the mixture for "dumplings". A sprinkling is fine but you can add as many as you'd like.

5.Serve warm. Leave the big candy cane for continued stirring.

6. Enjoy!

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