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Published Sunday, 07 April, 2013 by Anonymous

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  • Sunny d, and silk milk tasty


Put the milk in the sunny d i bet know one did dat


  • Hanna 5 years ago

    You know i like this tastiness

  • Clare 6 years ago

    What the

  • Yazmine Khan 6 years ago

    Wat a dum recipe

  • Mary 6 years ago

    Sunny d is a type of orange juice

  • Anu 6 years ago

    What is sunny d

  • Kea 6 years ago

    U guyz gotta stop commenting stuff like that unless u actually tried it, don't judge a book by it's cover meaning don't judge the ingredients unless u actually tried it, u never know it could be good

  • Spen 6 years ago

    You a big spud you mate,

  • Samuel 6 years ago


  • 6 years ago

    Gross gross gross!

  • Sydney 6 years ago

    This is so good but at first i colud not find the resipes.

  • Stephen Jacob 6 years ago

    Sunny delight; marketed as sunnyd in some regions – is a popular orange-flavored drink developed by doric foods of mount dora, florida in 1963.[1] it grew so popular that additional plants were built in california and ohio in 1974 and 1978, respectively. In 1983, sundor brands bought out doric foods; sundor brands was then purchased by procter & gamble in 1989. The drink produced an estimated $450 million in revenue for procter & gamble in 2004. In 2005, sunny delight was spun off into the independent sunny delight beverages company (sdbc). The beverage is also distributed by dr pepper/seven up, inc. (dpsu). In canada, the drink is manufactured and distributed by saputo.
    the beverage was launched in the united kingdom in spring 1998 with a £10 million promotional campaign, and became the third biggest selling drink in the uk, behind coca-cola and pepsi. It was sold in refrigerated cabinets and marketed as a healthy alternative to soft drinks, although it contains only 5% juice: its main ingredients are water and corn syrup. There were a series of negative press reports following an investigation by the food commission, an independent consumer organization. According to a bbc news report, the negative publicity escalated when a sunnyd ad showing a snowman turn orange was released at about the same time as reports of a girl who turned orange - due to the uk product's use of beta-carotene for colour – after drinking too much sunny delight.[2][3] sales had halved by 2001, and the drink was redesigned and re-launched in 2003 as "sunnyd". In the uk sunnyd was again relaunched in march 2009 with a new formulation containing 70% fruit juice and no artificial ingredients or added sugar. However, amid declining sales, the product was further reformulated in april 2010 as a lower priced beverage containing only 15% juice.

  • Somebody You Don't Know 6 years ago

    What is sunny d?

  • Someone You Want To Know 6 years ago

    What is sunny d?

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