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Fish Pie

Published Tuesday, 02 November, 2010 by Bill Clews

An easy, tasty dish.



  • Fish Pie (serves 2)
  • Ingredients
  • Fish of your choice (2 salmon fillets pre-cooked are good or tinned tuna)
  • Potatoes 3 small to medium bakers (about1½lbs)
  • Swede/carrot ½ a mixed Tesco bag (about 280g)
  • Garlic to taste (2 large cloves is good)
  • 1 fish stock cube
  • 2 heaped teaspoons red Thai curry paste (or 1 green)
  • 1 tin condensed celery soup (or mushroom)
  • Cheese (cheddar is good)



Simmer your salted potatoes as for mash for at least 15 minute in a large pan. Drain completely.

Simmer your salted veg in a smaller pan until ready for mashing (they take longer than potatoes). Drain thoroughly and add to potatoes.

If fish is uncooked, steam for 8 or 9 minutes.

While waiting; chop or crush garlic and stock cube (stock cube is added dry). Open soup.

Grate cheese (amount to taste).

Mix all ingredients together, except cheese, and mash thoroughly adding a knob of butter if desired.

Place mix in an oven dish or individual pots, sprinkle with cheese and place in the centre of a pre-heated oven (gas mark 6) for30-35 minutes.


  • Christy 6 years ago

    Cul....Jst cul

  • Ulfath 6 years ago

    Realli mouth watering yummmmmmmmmmm!!!"""

  • bob 8 years ago

    hi not bad and not good but it was still eat a bell if you get what i mennexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • lin 8 years ago

    this is well good

  • Skye Henderson 8 years ago

    i love fish pie i eat it all the time especially this one i was just wondering how to get the fishy smell that lingers around me away it causing me problems and i cant find my toothbrush to brush my teeth please help im running out of ways
    thank you, skye h

  • khadija 8 years ago

    this is amn awesome dish serously i made i=this for my mum and she said i can get the iphone woop woop seriouslty winner !!

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