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Peruvian "ceviche"

Published Saturday, 17 November, 2012 by Olga Lucila

Fresh and cool form of eating fish!


  • - 300g (or less if you see it's too much) fresh white filleted fish
  • - 2-3 lemons (can be the small very green kind or normal yellow)
  • - 1 onion (small red onion or half of a large one) cut in julienne
  • - a pack of leaves of coriander
  • - salt
  • - pepper
  • - 1 habanero chilli-pepper (if you can find "aji mirasol" that is a peruvian chilli-pepper variety it would be even better) (caution to people who can't handle hot and spicy food cause it can be too strong for them: for people who can't handle it don't include the chilli-pepper)
  • - a bowl


- cut the onion in julienne style (long thin strips)

- cut the fillet fish in small cubes

- cut open the chilli-pepper and remove the seeds, and mince it

- mince the coriander

put the fish, the onions and minced chilli-pepper in the bowl. Squeeze the lemons and add salt and pepper as you want. Mix everything very well for about 30-40 seconds. Add the minced coriander and leave the bowl sitting for about 15-25 min.

and finally eat! You can pair it with boiled skinless potatoe and with corn.

*the lemon "cooks" the fish so you wont be intoxicated, that's why it sits for 15-25 mins.

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  • Thanks to Amanda for uploading this amazing recipe!!! Can't wait to try it.