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Coriander Pot Rice

Published Monday, 25 May, 2015 by Joana

Easy to make healthy rice



  • Handful of coriander( thai coriander taste better)
  • 5 small onions
  • 2 piece chicken meat( drumstick )
  • 1 cup rice
  • oil
  • salt


1. Blend the coriander and onions into paste.

2. Heat up the rice cooker pot onto the stove and add in oil, followed by the chicken.

3. After 2 minutes add in the paste and stir till its aromatic.

4. Place in the soaked rice and stir

5. Add a cup of water and season with salt

6. Remove the pot pot from the stove to the electrical rice cooker and let the rice cook in the rice cooker with the chicken.

7. Sit back relax while it cooks in the rice cooker.

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  • This looks delicious! Thanks Shreena for uploading this to