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Egg Surprise

Published Friday, 12 July, 2013 by Noura

It's gonna be good. this is for the people who like to go wild with their flavours!



  • -eggs (the protion that you prefer)
  • -a small amount of butter or oil
  • -a small amount of cinnamon
  • -pepper and salt (the portion that you prefer)
  • -cheese (optional)


1-crack the eggs in a bowl and stir the eggs well

2-apply the butter or oil in a pan who's size suits the amount of eggs that you have picked

3-spread the oil or butter in the pan the apply the eggs

4-apply the pepper and salt then leave the eggs for a while without folding them

5-then apply the cinnamon leave the eggs for a minute then fold them.

6-take the eggs out of the pan and enjoy :)

tip: for the eggs to be even better; while cooking the eggs put on the pan a cover so that it traps the heat and the eggs are done well


  • Eggs 6 years ago

    How is this a challenge?
    wild with flavours?

  • Ketaki 6 years ago

    This is just like an omlette

  • GARIMA 6 years ago

    Awesome !!!

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