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Sodium Chloride (Salt)

Published Saturday, 23 April, 2016 by gerzarmy/sukasuka69

practical recipe requires effort and sanity / Nutritional info: Anger issues



  • Any Competitive online game
  • bad community
  • low elo
  • bad teammates
  • computer
  • toaster internet
  • HP £700 mouse
  • keyboard
  • monitor
  • you
  • tissue for tears to collect salt


1. Buy a game or download a game that is competitive (or buy day one if you want to go straight for unadulterated salt)

2. Be bad at the game or good at the game with bad elo teammates.

3. Proceed to attempt at game.

4. Realise in utter grief that you are bad and your teammates are bad.

5. Go in denial and say that you're good compared to your barbaric russian teammates.

6. Toxic.

7. Report every single teammate after game.

8. Uninstall game.

congrats u produced salt

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