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Easter Nests

Published by stacey

lovely for easter party



  • packet of cadbury's mini eggs
  • shredded wheat
  • cadbury's milk chocolate
  • cup cake holders


cut up the shredded wheat into little pieces

then cut up the chocolate and put into a saucepan

put on the hob to melt

put the piecesof shredded wheat into the saucepan

when mixed together scoop the shredded wheat with the cocolate into the cake holders

put in the fridge til gets solid

then when hard put mini eggs into the nest


  • Rebecca 9 years ago

    My daughters Ashley aged 9 and Megan aged 5 made this with my husband for a present for me and they are gorgeous. I reccomend. Been making them every year.

  • Suzie 9 years ago

    To melt the chocolate its better to put water in the sauspan, and put a large bowl in the sauspan (touchin the water, the bowl doesnt have to acutally fit in) put the chocolate in the bowl. This way you cant burn the chocolate

    Cassie - when the chocolate is melted put in teh shreded wheat, Mix and put into cake holders, like it says in the recipe

  • cassie 9 years ago

    can you tell me how can you make shrededed wheat easter nests chocolete

  • Kaitlin and asma 10 years ago

    cooool i cant wait to make them they sound georgess!!!!

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