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Homemade Pizza

Published Thursday, 01 September, 2011 by Lucy Prescott

Amazing pizza, so easy cant go wrong!



  • 3 cups of strong white bread flour (or self raising works too)
  • 1 Sachet of yeast
  • Salt
  • Warm water (mixed with some milk)
  • For tomotoe sauce; half an onion, 3 cloves of garlic, half can chopped tomotoes/passata, olive oil
  • For toppings; cheese (stronger the nicer!), choritzo, peppers, mushrooms, pesto, sweetcorn, whatever you have in!


Turn the oven on (would help) around 180C

To make dough;

1. Mix self raising flour, salt and yeast into a mixing bowl

2. To set the yeast off, use some luke warm water and a little milk, adding little by little into the flour mix until it forms a ball. (Add more flour if it gets too sticky)

3. When the dough is not too sticky and the mixture isnt crumbly start to kneed the dough with your fists pushing down and away and rotating.

4. After 5mins, put the ball in a plastic bag and loosely twist the top. Leave this in a warm area to rise for about 40mins.

5. Whilst you are waiting, you can start on the tomotoe base. Chop the onion, garlic and fry with a little olive oil in a pan. After they have softened add the chopped tomotoes and leave to simmer on a low heat for about 10 mins (keep stiring!)

6. When the dough is ready roll out as thin as you can to get a crispy tasty base. Grease a baking tray put the dough on the tray, spread the tomotoe base on generously.

7. Now the fun part- TOPPINGS!! Grate the cheese, add the meats/vegtables/toppings..

Top Tip; Little splodges of pesto on the top is really nice and goes down well!

Top Tip; Could try using the spares as garlic bread. Make some garlic butter using 5/6

cloves of garlic finely chopped, lemon juice, salt, pepper to some butter and voila!

Top Tip; Use some cheese (hallomi's nice) to put in the edges and fold over for stuffed crust!



  • Nguy?n Hoàng Minh 3 years ago

    That is a long recipe but the pizza is delicious.

  • 4 years ago

    Loved it,

  • Quinlyne 5 years ago

    Yummy yummy in my tummmmmy

  • Cool 5 years ago


  • Pussymaster 6 years ago

    Crispy delicious meal, this got me laid ;)

  • 69sex69 8 years ago

    i got horny

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