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Smexi Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Published Monday, 02 September, 2013 by Sandy

Easy and popular at parties... so yummy 8d


  • Bacon
  • asparagus
  • (it's one strip of bacon to one stalk of asparagus)


1. Wash asparagus, and with a fruit-peeler, slice off the rougher bits at the base of the asparagus

2. Wrap the bacon around the asparagus, tuck the bacon in on itself at the end to secure.

3. Bake until brown.

4. Voila.


- wear disposable gloves if you're scared of getting your hands/nails greasy

- when you start at the base of the stalk, point the end slightly up towards the tip of the talk and wrap around on top of that as you work up (to secure it)

- when you're done and have tucked the tip in, gently twist the bacon strip in on itself (clockwise or counterclockwise depending on how you rolled it), this will help it tighten in on itself.

i jump at every chance to make these for parties because they're so tasty, and they tend to go fast once your friends realize how many you're smuggling onto your own plate.

image from google.

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