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A Basic Pasta

Published Wednesday, 26 August, 2009 by Natalie Bowen

Really filling, and very easy :)



  • Dried Pasta... any work well, but i prefer twirly ones :D
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Tomato Puree
  • Cheese/Tuna/Both/None :)


1. Boil your pasta adding salt to the water for later on.

2. While pasta is cooking grate your cheese/drain your tuna.

3. When the pasta is cooked add about half a tube of tomato puree, stirring well, to give you a passata consistency. Of course you can just use passata if you want, and drain the pasta instead.

4. Then, add the tuna if using any, stirring it in well. Leave for a minute to heat up the tuna. Add salt/pepper to taste.

5. Serve into a bowl and sprinkle lots of cheese on top :)


This can be enjoyed as a simple tomato pasta, or with cheese or tuna, or both :)


  • Ruchitha 5 years ago

    Just so dumb

  • Lol 6 years ago

    What the beep lol

  • 7 years ago

    Good and reliable, thanks

  • Random Brit 8 years ago

    Mate, I've been living on Plain Pasta/Cheese for a couple weeks now, you'd think it would be dry and bland, but get some good strong cheese (and maybe a little tommy purée) and you can have really cheap meals all day every day. eg, one meal in my books is a BIG plate full, and i can get that down to 65p per sitting. 3 meals a day (granted no veg in this really), that's just £1.95/day. I use a LOT of cheese though, 50p of that 65p is just for cheese (maybe a pit of purée).

    Anyway, until someone finds me as nice a meal for just a cheap, im sticking with this for a long time, a little extra cash and ill throw in some ham/chicken/cheese sauce whatever I want :). Awesome flexible and cheap dish.

  • rachael 8 years ago

    sound delicous trying it tonight i hope it is ok

  • Grong 8 years ago

    i like students with my pasta but not the spotty 4 eyed type

  • iPod Touch 8 years ago

    iPads are cool

  • nicole 8 years ago

    my namme is nicole i <3 taylor clough

  • taylor clough 8 years ago

    pasta is so nice sometimes i get happy over it

  • Nicole Finlay 8 years ago

    i just ate pasta it was lovely and i wanna go make love to my boyfriend JORDAN CHARNLY Because he has a big one

  • Nicole Finlay 8 years ago

    pasta is soo yummmy after reading this iam gunna eat it everyday i wanna be fit and healthy and i want to eat pasta because iam itailian

  • ROTTON 8 years ago


  • rotton 8 years ago


  • HI BYE 8 years ago

    how much do u put in and get alife this is rubbish stuff u ur a stupid cow with no life

  • leah 8 years ago

    one word: BORING!!

  • Kimberley 8 years ago

    I'm going to try this but im not entirely sure how to do it because there is not enough description. I'm goin to add chicken and pepper to mine, because this recipe sounds boring.

  • Pasta Expert 8 years ago


    What planet were you born on? Pasta is never ever ever ever ever cooked in a micro wave... You must have led a sheltered childhood. Idiot

  • Lauren 8 years ago

    This seems an easy enough recipe , but how much cheese and pasta and tomato pure do we actualy need ?

  • jemma 9 years ago

    i added a bit of garlic puree and it tasted fab love the recipe :)

  • freakazoid123 9 years ago

    ummmm katie stop bien so uptiite n jus liten up a bit!i agree wid u lee it iznt a biznis meetin n btw i fink da smiley faces r cute!nthnxz 4da recipe!

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