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Another Carbonaara

Published by Jess

Cheap, quick, easy and super tasty pasta for one.



  • # 2-3 rashers of bacon (depends on how carnivorous you feel)
  • # cup of pasta (any type - typical is spaghetti but I like penne)
  • # 1 egg
  • # 50ml of single cream or milk
  • # handful of grated cheese (any type)
  • # 1-2 cloves of crushed garlic
  • # black pepper


# Boil water using kettle, then add to a saucepan with pasta and boil for specified time

# Dice bacon rashers into rough cubes and fry in oil til cooked pink

# Whisk up egg, milk, black pepper and crushed garlic cloves

# When pasta is done, strain water then put back into saucepan

# Add whisked ingredients and stir in

# Add bacon and cheese to saucepan and stir some more.

# Stir until the whisked ingredients are less runny but not like scrambled eggs.

ET VOILA! Enjoy.


  • feb 7 years ago

    it is amazing pasta i have ever tried i recommend this if u love Italian food !!! IT IS YUMMY -_-

  • leona 7 years ago


  • Tom 7 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant dish. Very quick and easy, and full of flavour. Thanks :D

  • olexa jerielle 8 years ago

    well,i must say its perfect 4 rush hours,very easy to cook yet very deliciouz..! I mxed with mayo and its so boss and her family reallx appreciate it..thankz chef jezz!

  • WiKiD 8 years ago

    Hi, I'm a chef and found this recipe precise and easy to cook. To any one who commenting saying "it's not good" or "there's no need for the cream" clearly don't know much about food. I love Italian food and the Carbonara Recipe is common and a typical Italian dish.

    Love it!

  • christine 8 years ago

    Just made this for my whole families tea it went down well, i added mushrooms and shallots and used ham instead of bacon everyone enjoyed it and said i shoukd do it agsin but with bacon lol. So THUMBS UP FROM US TO YOU

  • Pasta Expert 8 years ago

    The cream is just a waste - you don't need it and it is fattening.

  • meg 9 years ago

    just tastes like maccoroni discusting :/

  • Courtney 9 years ago

    Was awesome!! Added chicken to it (with a bit more cream and cheese to cover it all) and was superb! didn't think carbonara could be so easy :)

  • Jennifer 9 years ago

    This sounds really nice. I've looked around for carbonara recipie and fine that they all want this fancy pansy ingrediants that are like really expensive... but this one sounds really simple and really cheap, will have to save it and do it sometime (is very glad i found this site now!!! THANK YOU GOOGLE!!!) will post how it went and what i thought but considering i love carbonara and trying things for a first time, i'm sure it'll be great ^_^

  • josh 9 years ago

    Good recipe even though I was a little heavy on the garlic and didn't have any bacon.

  • Mark 9 years ago

    Thanks for the recipe Jess. Why is everyone nearly everyone on the net a loudmouth, so rude. If you dont like it there is no need to post anything, but if you have to give CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM, then do so. Get a grip.rnrnAnyway im gonna make this now lol woo hoo

  • lydia 9 years ago

    stop bullying jess, just cos you cant cook

  • jenni 9 years ago

    It was nice, not perfect but only because I was rushing. Thank you, it only took 15 minutes.

  • Gahhh 9 years ago

    why woman why?!
    I think you need to get a life, instead of making up new things to do with carbonara. Really.

  • lauren 9 years ago

    this is one of the easiest things to cook and delicious

  • JOANNE 9 years ago

    well im gonna give it a go tomorrow so ill be back n let u know ok

  • Donut 9 years ago

    Wow, this reciepe is amazing. I doubled the ingredients to make it for 2 people. My boyfriend was well impressed!! I loved it too. It was the first time I made it. RECOMMENDED****

  • Emma 9 years ago

    It took me abpout 15 minutes and it was delish!!!xoxo

  • Natalie 10 years ago

    How do you stop it from becoming scrammbled eggs? Was well nice though

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