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Caramelised Onion Pasta

Published Saturday, 15 March, 2014 by Rose

Cheapo pasta, add whatever leftover veggies you have.



  • Dry pasta (however many portions)
  • onion (one per person)
  • mushrooms (five per person)
  • one pepper (any colour)
  • herby cream cheese (enough to coat the cooked pasta - usually two or three spoonfuls)
  • 2tbsp sugar
  • dash of oil
  • cheese (optional)
  • any other leftover veggies (optional)


First, chop all of your vegetables, i left the onions in rounds, chopped the mushrooms thinly but whole and diced the pepper, but it's up to you how small you like your veggies.

put your onions in a frying pan with your oil on a low heat, make sure you watch them carefully so they don't fry, stir often until softened and turning brown.

begin to cook your pasta at this point.

return to the onions and add the sugar, make sure you stir it in well so all the onion comes into contact with it.

cook slowly for around 20 minutes, paying careful attention to the onions so they do not burn. Make sure you stir your pasta also.

when your pasta is almost done, throw in the pepper and mushrooms and stir well. (this is where you would also add any leftover veg).

when the pasta is cooked, drain and leave in the pan, add enough herby cream cheese to coat each piece of pasta evenly.

transfer your pasta to a plate, top with the caramelised onion mixture

if desired, sprinkle with parmesan, or cheddar, or whatever cheese you want!



  • Chan 4 years ago

    Where is the picture?

  • Hanban 5 years ago

    Oh wait. It is onion pasta right... Sorry my bad t-t i opened too many recipes lol

  • Hanban 5 years ago

    Onion one per person?? Are we talking about shallots or the large spanish onion? Cause one spanish onion for about six people is more than enough

  • Meena Bisht 5 years ago

    As of now we are busy in daily life so we not take care of our self veg mixed pasta is one of the healthy food for students & teenager also

  • BILLY 5 years ago

    You named this after kristian oro

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