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Cheap And Easy Tuna Pasta!

Published Friday, 21 November, 2008 by Amelia

Quick and healthy Tuna Pasta, great for hungover guilty-free day!



  • One can of cheap (own brand) Tuna per person.
  • Two handfuls (three if really hungry!) of pasta per person.
  • Mayo... as much as desired
  • Or Salad Cream if you don't like Mayo!
  • Water!!!!


Boil water in the Kettle, then cover pasta in pan.

Bring it to the boil, drain then set to the side to cool.

While the pasta is cooling, mix tuna and mayo/salad cream together.

Then add to pasta and mix up!!



  • Natasa Greece 4 years ago

    Mmmm delicious!!!!!!!!

  • Sescle 6 years ago

    Ate that since i was 2

  • Huan Lopez 9 years ago

    try adding chilli powder and crushed natchos... andale! andale! arriba! arriba!

  • Hathead 9 years ago

    Eat cold with cucumber :) or hot with cheese on top... tasty tasty!

  • Dimitry 9 years ago

    and add a tablespoon of pesto..yum yum YUM!

  • nikkie 10 years ago

    At last, a simple recipe that works wonders. Not a student, but a mum to 4 and this is just the ticket. Thanks

  • Banana 10 years ago

    Try adding sweetcorn too!

  • butterfly 10 years ago

    thank you for all the help you give me

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