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Easy Tomato Soup Pasta

Published by Lynda Tester

pasta with tomato soup and cheese



  • small tin of cream of tomato soup, -pasta, grated cheese,
  • hard boiled egg, (optional )


Cook pasta in a large pan.

Drain and pour in tom soup, stir.

add grated cheese and stir in.

serve in large dish ,halve hard boiled egg and place on top

with ground black pepper.


  • Idea 4 years ago

    Add some cream to the tomato soup

  • ANDREA CASTLE 5 years ago

    Add some garlic powder

  • Kieran 5 years ago

    Cook pasta, pour soup on top

  • Kattyboo22 5 years ago

    Best recipe ever tastes great

  • Amber 8 years ago

    This has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine, my dad also! Although I have never tried it with an egg on top, lol.

  • lucy 9 years ago

    This is greta but some measurments/portion info wld help a lot

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  • You should have made this for breakfast!