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Fry-up Pasta

Published Monday, 14 May, 2012 by Gemma

Simply what the title says - very filling!



  • * any type of pasta you like
  • * two/ three sausages
  • * two/ three rashers of bacon
  • * one can of baked beans
  • *grated cheese (optional)
  • *tomatoes/ mushrooms (optional)


1. Follow the instructions on the back of the pasta packet

2. While the pasta is cooking, cook the bacon and sausages (+ mushrooms and tomatoes maybe) either under the grill or in the hob

3. Drain the pasta

4. Mix the pasta, sausages and bacon together in the saucepan and add the can of beans

5. Reheat it all (add grated cheese) and stir

6. Enjoy!


  • Shyam 4 years ago


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