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Hot Dog Pasta

Published Tuesday, 18 November, 2008 by Sara

Easy to make



  • 500g of pasta shells
  • Half of an onion 6 mushrooms (sliced)
  • 1 tin of hot dogs (sliced)
  • Dolmao sauce


.pour water into an pan and leve to boil.

. Cut mushrooms , onion and hot dog.

.leve to cook in a bit of oil in a pan.

.once the water is boiled put the paster in the water.

.once the paster is done drain the paster.

.then mix together and poor the sauce in

.leve to cook

Then enjoy


  • Chinni 4 years ago


  • Meaa 5 years ago

    U people are putting mushroom in everything

  • Bob Number 4 6 years ago

    Eee learn how to spell you munter

  • Yo dog! 8 years ago

    yeah, you should check your spelling and to be honest with ya i can cook this easy peasy without the things you just said. sorry, you did a great job but seriously, hot dog pasta is easy peasy ;)

  • CW 9 years ago

    Errmmm....sounds quick and easy but you might want to check your spelling. Shouldn't it be Pasta and not "Paster" (apologies for being pedantic)

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