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Hot Dog & Tomato Pasta

Published by Kirsty

Really quick & reallly nice :)



  • Pasta
  • Dolmeo Tomato Sauce (Any you like; bolognese, winter veg etc)
  • Tin of Hot Dogs
  • (Garlic Bread if desired)


.Follow the intructions to cook the garlic bread)

.Boil desired amount of pasta in a pan until cooked (adding a tiny amount of olive oil to the water stops the pasta from sticking to the pan)

.Drain and put back in pan. Add enough dolmeo sauce to cover all the pasta; keep stiring so the pasta doesnt stick.

.Chop up the hot dogs and put in the pan.

.Keep stiring intil the sauce is hot.

.Remove garlic bread when cooked.

.Serve and enjoy :)


  • dave 1 year ago

    did this for scout camp. yum!

  • Back To The Past 7 years ago

    Overall rating 9/10

  • shirley 8 years ago

    just cooked this 4 my kidz,and they cud`nt get enuff of it,especially the youngest who is a fussy bugger lol x

  • Becca 9 years ago

    Sounds awesome. I'll try it next time I'm stuck for lunch ideas!