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Lasagne Style Pasta

Published Saturday, 18 January, 2014 by Ben

A great, cheap pasta dish that's easier to cook than a full lasagne



  • - pasta (whatever type you have)
  • - mince (quorn or otherwise)
  • - cream cheese
  • - 1/2 can of chopped tomatoes
  • - cheese
  • - splash of milk
  • - herbs (rosemary, thyme, mixed herbs, whatever you have)


1. Add some oil to a frying pan and cook the mince until browned. Add some herbs while it's cooking for extra flavour.

2. Add the chopped tomatoes to the pan and turn the heat down to a light simmer.

3. Meanwhile cook the pasta to packet instructions.

4. Drain the pasta then add a good dollop of cream cheese and a splash of milk to the empty saucepan and beat until smooth. Add some grated cheese then gently heat.

5. Finally add everything together and enjoy! =)


  • Mohammad 3 years ago

    This meal was worse than sucking a donkey's d..k it must not take your wife much to get off Tom

  • Tom 3 years ago

    I don't normally like pasta but f... Me my wife came in her pants and I wasn't far behind

  • I Really Dont Care 5 years ago

    Bubye falisha

  • Joanne 5 years ago

    Lasagne style?? Wtf??

  • Rakesh 5 years ago

    Not working.. Bad receipe

  • Asif 5 years ago

    Kuch khass nahi hai

  • Ffdfd 5 years ago


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  • A student staple really.