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Pasta Beans And Cheese

Published by rascal

creamy and savoury



  • heinz beans x1
  • pasta half packet
  • however much cheese u like


boil pasta until soft and nicly cooked then sift the pasta go back on the heat and boil some beans in a sausepan and add your cheese to the beans and then poor the beans on to the pasta and it's ready to munch away dont forget to add more cheese after.peace


  • Harvey h 1 year ago

    ItÂ’s amazing even though I made it myself once but it tastes amazing

  • niamh 1 year ago

    oh how wonderful this tastes its like heaven oh is so amazing you need to make this and i twill be the best experience of you life oh oh oh if you dont youve never lived

  • Jessica 3 years ago

    What a beautiful pasta dish. I served this to my Italian grandmother and she was floored.

  • Alex 6 years ago

    As far as i knew i was the only one who did this sort of quick meal. However this version is boring... I use leeks chopped up into 5mm slices or so along with frankfurter sausages, sweetcorn and maybe some peas then season with a fair amount of salt... Much better. It tastes really really nice especially if you use a lot of cheese!!!! :d

  • timfromyork 8 years ago

    try adding bbq sauce to add a whole new dimension. or top it with a fried egg perhaps?

  • Dipler 8 years ago

    This was the staple food at our school, I ate it for years. it has my recommendation!
    Since i've left, I've experimented a bit with it though. May i suggest adding fried onions to it if you like onions, and even sausage if you have it. Very filling.

  • ?? 9 years ago

    yeah i am

  • Duuuuddeee x 9 years ago

    My boyfriend showed me this recently and at first i was like woah! :S but now....i'm gonna try it for tea tonight :D

  • maggie treacles 10 years ago

    Are you disabled?

  • cheese 10 years ago


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