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Penne Cream Pasta

Published Saturday, 26 March, 2016 by Ceri Ryder

penne cream and mushroom pasta / Serves: 1



  • penne pasta
  • mushrooms about 90g per person
  • cream 50ml per person
  • bacon 100g (3 rashers) per person
  • 1 clove of garlic / 1 garlic powder


Put paster in to boiling water to cook should that 10/15 mins

Then cut up bacon and cook in frying pan at gas mark 6 and then the mushrooms and add garlic to the mushrooms once paster cooked drain and put in frying pan (turn down to gas mark 2) mix paster bacon and mushrooms together and add cream if wish add salt and a piths more garlic keep staring till cream it warmed and serve food


  • Pasta Farian 3 years ago

    Paster is spelt pasta. You call yourself a student?

  • Jess k 3 years ago

    Very easy recipe and was delicious

  • jenifer 3 years ago

    its amazing

  • amber 3 years ago

    i shop at aild and i got enough to cook for four people for £2:36 it a very cheap meal to make xx

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