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Salad Cream Pasta

Published by amanda

quick easy and cheap



  • pasta
  • peppers (opitional)
  • onions (opitional)
  • veg (opitional)


boil pasta fry off onions and veg or add ur own ingerdients it works with most things

add everything to one pot then add salad cream give it a stir and serve! delicious served cold as well!!!! enjoy


  • Cream McSpell 2 years ago

    Are all of the ingerdients opitional ?

  • sophie 9 years ago

    i do this one without the veg, i cook the pasta then cool it down under the cold tap and then add lots and lots of salad cream. its soooo nice but everyone turns there nose up at it in my household. x

  • Jessica 10 years ago

    I have tried this for my dinner except i didnt add the onions and it was delicious :) x

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  • Someone should make and upload this recipe to Student Recipes as an entry in our cooking contest!!!