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Sausage Pasta

Published Tuesday, 12 November, 2013 by Vicky

Mixed sausage pasta, its yummmy!



  • Sausages of your choosing. (i personally use richmond sausages and throw a bit or chorizo in with it too)
  • pasta sauce (from a jar)
  • bbq sauce (optional)
  • pasta of your choosing
  • garlic
  • chili
  • cheese


1- cook your sausages until you are satisfied in a frying pan, or a grill

2- add sausages to a large sauce pan, or baking tray

3- add pasta sauce into the dish

4- stir, then add the garlic and chili, as much as you like

5- add a bit of bbq sauce into the dish for a smokey flavour (optional)

6- leave to simmer (low heat until pasta is finished)

7- cook and drain pasta

8- add the pasta in the dish with everything else, mix well

9- top with grated cheese and place under grill until golden brown


you can also add veg to this recipe, things such as peppers onions and mushrooms go nicely just simple put them in a frying pan until cooked slightly, then add them to your mix just before step 4.


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