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Spag'n'Spicy Veg

Published by Rebecca Bean

Run out of stuff? This is quick n lazy, expecially if you're stuck for ideas :)



  • Spaghetti- half a handful and a bit usually is enough for me on my own
  • One and a half peppers
  • A tomato
  • (or just any veg you have left over)
  • Bit of garlic (optional xD i love my garlic i do)
  • Special ingredient: A sprinkle or two of a fajita flaouring sachet, or anything you have in the cupboards!)
  • A little bit of water and a little bit of flour to make the sauce a bit thicker from the sachet


While cooking the spaghetti, fry the veg and crushed garlic and add a sprinkle or two of the fajita powder.

Add a little bit of water, cook a bit more and then separate the water sauce from the veg in the frying pan, and sprinkle some flour into the watery sauce, gently stir. The sauce will be become thicker.

Ta dA ^^ shove the spaghetti on a plate/in a bowl and throw the veg onto it :)



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