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Tomato And Sausage Pasta

Published Wednesday, 01 February, 2017 by Zara

Tangy tomato pasta sauce with a delicious sausage pieces / Serves: 2


  • Jar of tomato sauce ie dolmio or ragu
  • Mixed herbs
  • Hot dogs either canned or jar
  • Dry Pasta


Firstly fill a medium pot with water and bring to the boil, lightly salt the water

Add the pasta of your choice and let it boil

After 5 minutes get another pot or frying pan and add the pasta sauce and mixed herbs, remember to taste, always keep on a low heat and stir continously

Chop up the hotdogs, add them to a bowl and microwave for 1 minute/ or boil

Drain the water from the hot dogs and add to the pasta sauce, take the sauce of the heat and leave to sit

Check if pasta is cooked, if so drain, add serving to a bowl/plate and top with the sausage and tomato sauce if the pasta still isnt ready add the sauce to a low low heat again to keep warm or put a plate over the top of the pot

Grate cheese or if you already have pre-grated cheese sprinkle on top whilst pasta is still hot

Season to your taste! And enjoy

Please leave comments on how you found this dish and if you would add/change anything!

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