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Tuna Pasta

Published Sunday, 06 March, 2011 by danielle

Cheap tasty and easy pasta which is ready in a jiffy..!!



  • Tin of Tuna
  • 1 onion or spring onions
  • Frozen mixed peppers
  • Fusilloni pasta
  • mayonnaise


1. Cook the pasta in a pan and add the mixed peppers. Leave to cook until the pasta is ready.

2. Chop up an onion or spring onions which you would prefer and then put the onions in a bowl and add a couple of table spoons of mayonnaise and mix.

3. On the pasta is ready drain the pasta and peppers and add to the bowl and mix the onions and the mayonnaise and walla it is ready..!! Happy cooking


  • Chris Withey 8 years ago

    Just managed to make four portions worth of this for £2.71 buy using Morrisons own brand products apart from some grated cheese that was on offer for £1.
    I used two tins of tuna instead of one but if I had even less money could live without the cheese and second can of tuna making this cost only around £1.30.
    I also have half a packet of pasta left over =D

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