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10 Minute Potato Egg Cheese Breakfast

Published Monday, 28 October, 2013 by Annie

Yummy quick healthy filling breakfast to start your day.



  • 1 smallish potato
  • 1 egg
  • some oil
  • hot sauce/ ketchup/ salsa to taste
  • cheese
  • .
  • (i usually double this to fill me up)


1.Wash the potato and stab it a few times with a fork to let out the steam when it's cooking.

microwave the potato, depending on the size of the potato, for 2-5 minutes. Flip it over halfway done.

get a pan warming with some oil in it (about a teaspoon or so) while the potato finishes nuking.

don't burn your fingers! Cut up the potato into discs or squares, however you like it, and put it in the pan.

crack an egg into the pan and scramble it all around with the potato. Add as much cheese as you like. I usually use about 1 tablespoon per potato.

when the egg is cooked and the cheese is melted, it's done! I put hot sauce on mine.


  • Amie 4 years ago

    Hi, just to clarify, when do you peel the potato or do you leave the skin on throughout?

  • Priya 4 years ago

    Soooooooooooooooooooooo ..........................Gooooooooooooood..............................Yummmmmmmmmm.....................

  • Karan 5 years ago

    Awesome loved it. Will be in my weekly breakfast menu.

  • Bob 5 years ago

    I love you blob

  • Bob 5 years ago

    this a wicked recipe

  • Taybah 5 years ago

    Was delicious! Need to make it again sometime.

  • Katie 5 years ago

    Is 2 teaspoons of oil enough?

  • Katie 5 years ago

    But how much oil? Please answer my question:(

  • Samantha 5 years ago

    Sounds delicious , i'll cook it! :)

  • Ahmed Aly Elgarem 6 years ago

    This is the best and the easiest recipe ever and the best

  • Rahul 6 years ago

    Love it but my parents won't let me use the stove

  • Mahnoor 6 years ago

    You sure potato would be cooked enough in 2-5 minutes

  • Somil 6 years ago

    What if, i ain't got microwave, plz reply me at

    [email protected]

  • Zoya 6 years ago

    So typical..

  • Spoff 6 years ago

    You deserve a medal, simple as

  • Habiba Amgad 6 years ago

    You are brilliant

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