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Cereal With A Twist

Published by Barry Tasker

What I started eating when I decided to get a little healthier



  • Cereal (I found Special K works best but try anything)
  • Cherry yoghurt (any yoghurt flavour will do but the strong flavour of cherry works well - or try toffee yoghurt for a rich creamy taste)
  • Milk
  • Grapes - (optional)


1 - Put the cereal in a bowl and add milk

2 - If adding grapes shove these on top now

3 - Now spread out the yoghurt over everything

4 - Either put in the fridge for a while (the longer, within reason, the while the better the texture - believe me) or eat.


1 - Hold the cereal, etc away from you and drain the bowl of milk - drinking not wasting - then eat.

2 - Prepare to get messy when following step one - many a time have I had a yoghurt-covered nose!!


  • ilovesgoodeats 3 years ago

    sounds like a horrible soggy mess. might work in a nursing home for people lacking teeth, but not for anyone else.

  • Jamiee 9 years ago

    I Thinkk It Would Be Nicerr Witout The Yoghurt But With A Bit Of Fruit Like Simply I Love Cheerios With Strawberrys Obviously The Milk With The Cereal Doesnt Sound The Nicest But Its Lovely :)

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