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Cheese Beano

Published Wednesday, 18 February, 2009 by Maddie Gold

really cheap and yummy



  • Beans
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • love <3


Put your bread in the toaster, cook your beans and grate some cheese. (all at the same time!)

Put the toast on a plate

Pour on the hot beans

Sprinkle on the cheese

Then add the love

Then enjoy! (:


  • Sam 1 year ago

    Here's my recipe for hamburgers: take the hamburgers out of the packet and grill on both sides. Take the baps out, I'd needs be slice them. Jet up etc. / salad optional

  • Saniya 2 years ago

    Need to add more ingredients...

  • Ricky Wilson 4 years ago

    Super simple and cheap to make

  • Beano Vet 4 years ago

    Gret idea. I have a slightly more student vversion. Toast one side of bread in grill. On the untoasted side. Put beans then cheese. Grill. Yummy-er?

  • Ben 5 years ago

    You forgot the fried egg on top of each slice

  • Marie 6 years ago

    Just beans on toast with cheese then? ha!

  • Steevo 7 years ago


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