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Cheesey Beans On Crumpets

Published Sunday, 20 February, 2011 by claire

What it says...



  • cheese
  • beans
  • crumpets


Cook the beans in microwave for 2 mins or however it says on tin

toast the crumpets and grate the cheese

once crumpets are toasted, sprinkle cheese on and pop in microwave to melt the cheese

Add the beans on top

ta da!

The cheese melts through the crumpet... yuuummmm yuuummmm :)


  • Danny.O. 6 years ago

    Thats a weak way of doing it, cook the beans in the pan, crumpets under the grill, slowly simmer the beans in the pan while crumpets are being done, once the crumpets are done put cheese on top of them an place back under the grill until the cheese had melted, put your cheesey crumpets on the plate an your beans over the top! Absolute winner

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