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Crisps & Gravy

Published by tom booth

crisps & gravy



  • crisps [any flavour]
  • gravy


make gravy a bit thick

pour over the crisps


  • ilovesgoodeats 3 years ago

    no, no, no...all wrong. you have to do it the canadian way. NOT CRISPS. you have to use chips (french fries). and add cheese before the gravy is poured over. it's calls poutine and it is the food of the gods. canadians eat it at every meal.
    look it up on wikipedia.

  • Freddie 7 years ago

    Amazing! Went well with my badbwoy salad! 10/10

  • ol 8 years ago

    disgusting worst i have ever tried!!:(

  • sam 9 years ago

    iv just ruined my crips...

  • lucy 9 years ago

    i taught him everything i know

  • BrotherWill 9 years ago

    very inventive, i shall be useing this recipe when i next have crisps, and gravy in my cupboard!

  • ash 10 years ago

    that sounds mingin

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  • Thanks, Ridhima for uploading! Looks yummy!