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Crispy, Yummy Cheesy Dough Balls

Published Wednesday, 10 April, 2013 by Anne

A quick easy yummy snack. yes they're unhealthy, but they're so worth it.



  • All you need are these simple ingredients.
  • 1. All purpose flour (how much depends on you)
  • 2. Water
  • 2. Any solid cheese
  • 3. Crispy bread crumbs
  • 4. An egg
  • 5. Any cooking oil of your choice.
  • optional: ketchup, salt & pepper


1. Start by beating the egg and setting it aside in a bowl.

*you add a dash of salt and pepper in this egg wash

2. Also set a generous amount of breadcrumbs on a plate.

3. Secondly add equal parts water and flour in a separate bowl.

4. Hand mix,slowly adding more flour to your dough if needed, mixing well in between until the dough starts to lose it's stickness.

5. Flour any clean surface, place your dough ontop and start rolling the dough until almost all the stickiness is gone, be careful not to overdo this step.

6. Start breaking the dough into smaller balls, about half an inch to an inch in diameter. Roll these balls in flour as well.

(the size doesn't matter, i would recommend doing smaller sizes if you're serving these at a party)

7. Start cutting your solid cheese into cubes. (my personal favourite to use is cheddar)

*your cubes should be around half an inch to an inch, depending on how much cheese you want.

8. Add oil to your pan, just enough to cover the surface, and then some. Heat the pan on low-medium. Wait for the oil to get hot.

9. Place a cheese cube into a dough ball, bring the sides of the dough ball and pinch, to cover the cheese completely.

10. Roll your balls one at a time into the egg wash you made earlier then into the bread crumbs, place them carefully in the pan.

*make sure your dough balls are rolled generously into the bread crumbs.

11. Cook until each cheesy dough ball is golden brown on each side. About 3 -5 minutes depending on your pan and stove top.

12. Serve with ketchup, & enjoy!

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