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Easy Egg Fried Rice

Published Sunday, 14 February, 2010 by Kitty

cheap, quick, easy, variable to suit taste



  • Rice, Stock Cube, Bacon (optional), Mushrooms (Optional), Onion (optional), Peas, (optional), Egg, Veg. Oil, salt, pepper.


Boil one cup of rice (easy cook is probably better) with half a stock cube (I use chicken most of the time but it works well with ham).

While thats happening, beat one small egg in a cup,

chop 2 hand fulls of mushrooms into small chunks,

Cut as many bits of bacon as you like into strips (3's usually plenty I think),

And dice one small onion.

Gently pan fry mushrooms, onion and bacon.

After you've drained the rice, don't add it back to the pot just yet. Mix a tin of drained peas into the rice (sweetcorn also works well if you use the ham stock cube).

Transfer everything from the frying pan into the pot with roughly 1 tbl sp of the oil.

Add the rice and move it all down to one side of the pot - return to a medium heat.

Using a fork to mix, slowly pour the eggs in bit by bit, working it into the rice slowly.

More stock can be added if needed as well as salt and pepper to taste.

One you have all the egg worked in, High heat for one two minutes while mixing vigorously.

There you have it tasty egg fried rice.

I've tried this with many variations - you can add almost any flavours you fancy.


  • Sentinel 6 years ago

    I think i failed the recipe and it tastes terrible.

  • maya 9 years ago


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  • Be an awesome roommate and offer to make this Pizza Ring to share! So simple. So good.