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Eggy Bread

Published by annita

sooo tasty!



  • eggs
  • bread- sliced
  • salt/pepper
  • cheese-optional
  • oil


mix a couple of eggs in a bowl, add salt and pepper and sprinkle in some cheese if you have any. dip in the sliced bread making sure its soaked through then fry it on each side! nice with abit of mayo on the side!


  • Dan 9 years ago

    I find an egg per slice good, especially when you leave the bread in the egg to sop it all up before frying

  • Jill 9 years ago

    This eggy bread is lovely!! I like it with tomato sauce

  • Casey 9 years ago

    ie. French Toast!
    add some milk and dried herbs to the egg mix! yumm!!

    also, you can make it sweet if you add a little sugar, and serve t with maple syrup and icing sugar!!

  • dani 10 years ago

    so yummy and so simple!

  • Lily 11 years ago

    Not very precise!!

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  • Too true, too true.