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Microwave-baked Potatoes (fast&easy)

Published Tuesday, 02 December, 2014 by Leah Zhao

Fast and easy microwave-baked potatoes makes a appetizing meal or side for hungry, busy students.



  • -potatoes
  • -salt (to taste)
  • -pepper (to taste)
  • -butter (to taste)


1) wash and dry potatoes

2) stab potatoes with a fork (allows steam to escape when they're cooking)

3) rub outside of potatoes with salt and pepper

4) microwave on high for 5 minutes

5) turn potatoes around

6) check softness of potatoes using a knife. Depending on how well-done they are, microwave for another 1-4 minutes.

7) slice potatoes in half and add butter, salt, and pepper to taste

8) serve and enjoy!


  • Lily 4 years ago

    So you don't have to wrap it in tin foil or anything like that?

  • Shi 4 years ago

    This worked perfectly just for a quick and such a easy recipe

  • Neha Khan 4 years ago

    So easy and yummy

  • No Name 4 years ago

    So easy

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Awesome and tastes like heaven :)

  • Saba 4 years ago

    Good & yummy

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