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Mini Pizzas

Published by Anonymous

Quick mini pizzas



  • Breakfast muffins (cut in half)
  • Tomato purree
  • Cheese
  • Optional (ham/onion/sweetcorn


Heat grill.

Cut muffin in half and toast in toaster. Spread with tomato purree and sprinkle with grated cheese (if liked add and desired toppings and more cheese.) Place under gril until cheese bubbles and is melted.


  • Respected Doner kebaba 7 years ago

    I canta waita to'a make'a thisa pizza'a, ita willa be'a so'a funa :D

  • don 7 years ago

    i didnt know i was geettin rude to jsutin beiiber :P

  • Selena Gomez 7 years ago

    Don't get rude to my hubby, blad :p

  • Jamie oliver 7 years ago

    Daryl, please dont attempt to make this coz ur a flop!!

  • Loz 8 years ago

    Don't you people know how to spell? 'gud' Whats that all about?

  • beth 8 years ago

    making these for my food tecno group on friday its towards my grades in yr 10 :D sounds nice

  • :D 8 years ago

    nommm i've had these and i luv them! Fab!!

  • Taylor Lewis 8 years ago


  • Britney 8 years ago

    That sounds awesome, I might try that!

  • pip 10 years ago

    Its gud and tasty

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