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Perfect Yummy Rice

Published Sunday, 23 August, 2009 by jenna

delicious alone or with the veg



  • short or long grain rice
  • water
  • vegetable or chicken stock cubes
  • optional: (these tast great put in with it but its yummy on its own too!)
  • tin of sweetcorn
  • tin of tuna
  • button mushrooms


rice seems to be labeled a lot as boring or tricky to make so here's some help to make it easy and interesting!!

your rice will have instructions on the back of how much water to rice to use IGNORE THEM!! they do my head in and make more confusion than necessary!

1. get the amount of rice you wana eat (remembering rice swells up when cooked similar to pasta)

2. put it in a cup or container, measureing jugs are perfect if you have one. (make a mental not of where it comes up to in the container)

3. put a little oil in ur pan for the rice when it heats up throw in the dry rice in and stir so its coated

4. you now need to use the container you just used for the rice and fill DOUBLE with water the amount that u did of rice. so rice=50% water=100% total=150%

5. chuck the water in with the rice and give it a good stir

6. crumble in your stock cubes of choice (i usually use one cube for every one pint of water)

7. you need to pop a lid on it now so the water doesnt all evaporate and leave for 5 mins checking every now and then and giving it an occasional stir

8. try it regularly and when its done to your tastes remove and enjoy

NOTE: if you start getting low on water and its still hard/firm add SMALL amounts of water to the rice and stir again keep it moist till its done cooking once u feel its done you can remove the lid and let the rest of the water dissapear

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